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This Blog is dedicated to our beloved Yunho ^^

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* Yunho is

My Sinful Pleasure

 I have to live as U-Know Yunho when I get on stage, but I’d like to be the country-boy Jung Yunho when I’m not on stage. As Jung Yunho, I want to experience what most people my age go through.


And I’m truly in love with you country boy ♥


when yunho’s butt demands some space

#i’d just like to remind you all that they probably smack and squeeze each other’s asses whenever they damn well please

I hope that there’ll be some ass grab/squeeze/smack in their live performance

Oppa you’re so beautiful ♥

Oppa you’re so beautiful ♥


a little over possessive there kook-sshi? ;) lmao poor haroro D;

Everyone wants a piece of Yunnie!

[Gif] Catch Me If You Wanna 

Reblogging for Yunho’s awesome Chest(moobs)

Reblogging for Yunho’s awesome Chest(moobs)


Dear Jung Yun Ho,

You Can’t accept "SM" without bondage and possibly Yun is the M

now this’s very stupid and ridiculous. DBSK are still the best even if your narrow retarded mind couldn’t accept it. 

Sm are not trying to get back the old DBSK because they don’t need to do this. 

whither they’re 5 or only 2, DBSK are the kings no matter what. 

so just shut up and deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!

Coloured by me for ctvxq.com. Maybe i’ll edit one for Changmin
Source: ContinueTVXQ.comDistributed by: Angel Feather@ContinueTVXQ.com PLEASE DON’T MODIFY SOURCE

Coloured by me for ctvxq.com. Maybe i’ll edit one for Changmin

Source: ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: Angel Feather@ContinueTVXQ.com



So, yeah, I could totally ship this.

And this is why I should write a chaptered thing off of ‘Ties’…


9| Siwon/Yunho - Ties

Yunho winced slightly as the burning water came in touch with his bruised skin before finally sighing in relief and sitting sorely in the bathtub. He sighed again and tried to open his eyes in order to move, try to clean himself but before he could manage to do so a warm hand came to stroke his nude arm on the side of the bathtub and slid down his torso, forcing him back down gently. The hand momentarily disappeared only to come back lathered with soap and soothingly wash Yunho’s body, careful not to press too hard or making Yunho uncomfortable. Another hand joined the first one and slowly parted Yunho’s thighs, the other swiftly caressing Yunho’s entrance and probing it lightly before two fingers were inserted and stretched him lightly allowing cum to drip out of it. Yunho whimpered quietly but was calmed by a few open-mouthed kisses on his neck and cheeks paired with the whispered words of apology and love coming out of Siwon’s mouth.

“I am never letting you top again.” Yunho concluded opening his eyes to see how badly bruised his wrist were. “But I will let you tie me up again…” He mumbled before slowly drifting off.